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Chemistry MCQs /E book Library part 2

11. Lower the pH value _________ will be an acid.
(A) Weaker
(B) Neutral
(C) Stronger
(D) Alkaline
12. Which of the following is an organic compound ?
(A) CO
(B) C2H2
(C) CO2
(D) NaHCO3
13. Which one of the following is the general formula of alkenes ?
(A) CnH2n
(B) CnH2n-1
(C) CnH2n+1
(D) CnH2n-2
14. The Homologues has the same ?
(A) Density
(B) State
(C) Chemical Properties
(D) Colour
15. Carbon atom usually ?
(A) Gains four electron
(B) Forms four covalent bonds
(C) Ionizes
(D) Loses four electrons
16. Organic radical with general formula CnH2n+1 is ?
(A) Allyl
(B) Alkyl
(C) Pheny
(D) Benzyl
17. The next homologue of C8H18 is ?
(A) C9H20
(B) C9H18
(C) C8H16
(D) C7H14
18. Methane is the first member of Methane is the first member of ?
(A) Alcohol Series
(B) Carboxylic acids Series
(C) Alkane Series
(D) Alkene Series
19. The compound C3H8 must have ?
(A) An ionic bond
(B) At least one triple bond
(C) All single bonds
(D) At least one double bond
20. The name of C6H14 is ?
(A) Hexane
(B) Decane
(C) Propane
(D) Heptanes
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. A
18. C
19. C
20. A

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