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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Heat Lightening short Question and answers

1. Why could not the girl describe the killer?
The girl could not describe the killer because she was very afraid. She could not see him clearly in the dark. She was quite nervous and upset. She was mentally confused. She was running away from the killer to save herself. She was not in her senses.
2. What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?
She was at a party. She was returning home when her car ran out of gas. She could not drive her car. It was dark outside and she could not get fuel from anywhere. She left her car and started walking along the road.
3. Why did she ask for help from the first man?
6. Does the girl become suspicious of the first man as the play progresses?
9. Why did the girl consider the first man her helper?
The girl was very afraid. She was running away from a killer. He was chasing her. She was in danger. She wanted to save her life. She wanted shelter and protection. She asked the first man for help because there was nobody to help her. She was friendless and helpless. Therefore, the girl did not become suspicious of the first man as the play progressed. She considered the first man her helper.
4. What was the condition of the weather?
The condition of the weather was very bad. It was a stormy night. It was continuously raining and thundering outside. There was flash of lightening. The bad weather increased the fear of the girl.
5. How did second man accuse first man of lying?
The second man accused the first man of lying because the first man had locked the door and told him that there was nobody in the room. The first man wanted to hide the girl. But, the second man had seen the girl in the room from outside. So, he accused the first man of lying.
7. What is her impression about the second man?
8. Why did not she accompany the second man?
The girl was very afraid of the second man. She thought that he was the killer. She was quite uncomfortable and nervous in his presence. Therefore, she did not accompany him when the bus arrived.
10. What are the factors that played a role in saving the girl?
There are many factors that played a role in saving the girl. Firstly, it was a chance that she saw the killer dimly in the dark and she started running in the dark. Secondly, it was the stormy weather that forced the second man to come to the station and stop the killer from killing the girl. Thirdly, it was her torch that helped her to recognize the killer. Finally, it was a stray dog that came there by chance and saved the girl from the killer.
11. How did she realize the truth?
The girl realized the truth when she saw her torch in the hands of the killer. She had thrown her torch on the way when the killer was chasing her. When she saw her torch in the hands of the first man, she quickly recognized the killer.

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