Sunday, 5 May 2019

End of Term / Questions answers

by David Daiches
1. What was the Daiches’ attitude towards the week-end as a school boy? Why did he long for it?
The writer did not like his school as a school boy. He disliked his school very much. Though he was a good student, yet he wanted to run away from his school. He always waited for the week-end. He felt quite delighted and excited at the arrival of the week-end. It provided him break from school work and enough time to enjoy sound sleep.
2. What was his general view of school life?
He did not like school life. He thought that school was like a prison. He disliked daily grind of school and its abundant home work. He disliked to stay at school for long hours. He always waited for the week-end to relax and enjoy.
3. He liked holidays for their freedom-freedom from what?
He liked holidays for their freedom from daily school work. These holidays provided him with opportunities to spend time in enjoyment and entertainment. He could sleep well. He could indulge in sports and games.
4. How did he spend his summer holidays?
His summer holidays were quite attractive and charming for him. He spent his summer holidays in enjoyment. He used to visit historical places. He also ran across meadows and trees.
5. Wishes do not come true in this life, writes Daiches. What are the things he longed for but could not have?
There were many wishes of the writer that remained unfulfilled. He wanted to eat sweets and ice cream but he had no money. He wanted to purchase a tricycle but he could not afford it because his parents were poor.
6. What did he do with his pocket money?
The writer belonged to a poor family. He used to save his pocket money into a money box. He used to spend it on Christmas. That is how he fulfilled his innocent wishes.

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