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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Group Discussion Topics ISSB

Group Discussion Topics

One of the following topics will be given at ISSB for Group discussion
and individual speech.
Ø  Discuss and prepare these topics.

1.      Who plays important role in grooming of children, father or mother?

2.      Struggle for the rights of women is in the rest of country or not? Discuss.

3.      The personal interests are prevailing over national interests? Discuss.

4.      The movement for rights of women is imposing a negative effect on society.

5.      Why western nations are more developed then us? Discuss.

6.      What is the reason of deliration of moral values in our society? Discuss
7.      Football is cheaper then cricket. Why Govt. of Pakistan is not bringing up a healthy environment for this game?
8.      Causes of terrorism in Pakistan.

9.      Reason of unemployment is education or poverty?
10.  Deeni madrasa are playing an important role in educating poor children but their but their impression is not good. What steps should be taken to improve their impression?
11.      The reasons for increasing of smuggling in Pakistan and what steps should be taken to overcome this?

12.      Participation of students in politics.

13.      Is co-education is useful?

14.      Love marriage or arrange marriage?

15.      Who is successful in Life?Couragious Intelligent Or Syppathetic
16.      Who is spending good life? Hostel students or others?

17.      Should we recognize India as regional power?

18.      Islam gives us the message of peace but we are murdering one another. Discuss.

19.      How we can encounter western and Indian media?

20.  “India as most favorite nation” is in favour of Pakistan?

21.  What could be effective defense of Pakistan, Education or Weapon?

22.  We should link the SINGING OF “CTBT” with Kashmir problem. Discuss. 
23.  Pakistan’s literacy rate can be improved through television, which can play a very important role. Discuss

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