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Lectruer Sample paper/ MCQs E book Page 6

 Learning means?
A. Change in behavior
B. Teaching process
C. Curriculum
D. None
Answer is = A

The outline of the contents is?
A. Course
B. Syllabus
C. Programe
D. All above
Answer is = B

Component of curriculum is?
A. Evaluation
B. Objectives
C. Teaching strategies
D. All
Answer is = D

Models of curriculum presently being used at any stage in Pakistan is?
A. Activity
B. Subject
C. Integrated
D. All of above
Answer is = D

The selection of the particular design is influenced by?
A. Types
B. Elements
C. Foundation
D. Principle
Answer is = C

Intelligence level of gifted student is?
A. 140 and above
B. 110
C. 90
D. None
Answer is = A

The scope of curriculum include
A. Programme of studies
B. Programme of Activites
C. Programme of Guidance
D. All
Answer is = D

The concise Oxford Dictionary defines curriculum as a?
A. Course of learning
B. Chariot race course
C. Course of study
D. None
Answer is = B

The model of curriculum could not move above elementary stage is?
A. Core curriculum
B. Activity curriculum
C. Subject curriculum
D. None
Answer is = B

Detailed contents of the subjects for a class are called?
A. Course
B. Behavior
C. Design
D. Logical sequence
Answer is =A

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