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In the following questions, part of the sentence is italicized and underlined.
Choose the correct alternative from the following options to correct the sentence:

Q4.     When were you finished writing the report of the meeting?

A.     have you finished
B.     are you finishing
C.     will you finish
D.    do you finish

Q5.       The police turning the stolen property to the owner.

A.    turned up

B.    turned out
C.    turned over
D.   turned down

Q6.       I can’t start your computer. I must known the password to start it.

A.     must have got to know

B.     must have to known
C.     must have had to know
D.    must know

Q7.       He passed the examination because he would work very hard.

A.     was hardworking for it

B.     had worked hard for it

C.     worked hardly for it

D.    is working hard for it

Select the correct explanation for the idiom

Q8.       Can't judge a book by its cover

A.     Cannot say that the book is interesting by looking at cover

B.     Cannot judge the quality or character of someone or something just by looking at them

C.     Cover-up someone or something

D.    To hide something from someone

Select the correct synonym for the given word

Q9.       DEDUCE

A.     Conclude
B.     Remove
C.     Divide
D.    Disperse

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