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Sunday, 7 April 2019

SBP Past Paper of young professional Induction programe YPIP 6th Batch

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SBP- BSC – YPIP 6th Batch


Read the following passage carefully and answer questions 1 to 3

Unfortunately, cost of printing of new notes is excessively high and unproductive, and has to be borne by the national exchequer as frequently as the fibrous currency notes become unusable. Fibrous currency also suffers from other multiple drawbacks, as listed below, owing to which several countries have replaced them.


Useful life of paper currency notes is quite short. These soon get soaked, soiled and smeared. These are also easily worn out and deformed. In countries with humid climate, or where cash transactions outnumber other modes of financial transactions, the process of decay becomes much faster.


Counterfeiting of paper currency is comparatively easy. With the advancement in technology, it has become further easier to print fibrous forged notes. On top of it, certain situations stimulate forgery. For example, demand for counterfeited currencies increase tremendously in the wake of political turbulence across the world. For instance, after the American onslaught in Afghanistan, truckloads of counterfeited US Dollars, Afghanis, and Pak Rupees were reported to be in circulation on either side of the Pak – Afghan border.

Q1.     The expenditure involved in printing new currency notes is ____________.

A.    exclusive and high
B.    very high and unproductive
C.    unacceptable and useless
D.   multi-dimensional

Q2.     According to paragraph 2, paper currency notes soon get ____________.

A.    rotten and disfigured
B.    wet, earthen and spoilt
C.    soaked, soiled and smeared
D.   faulty, foamed and fumed

Q3.     With new technological development, it has become ____________.

A.    much simpler to print forged currency
B.    not as easy to print forged notes
C.    a more complicated process to go for anything new

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